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Wind and Solar Power Storage

Wind and solar power hold tremendous promise for providing our planet with low cost, environmentally friendly energy supply. The widespread adoption and success of these industries has been inhibited in large part to the lack of adequate energy storage technologies. Power Tree’s energy storage system speaks directly to this issue and is designed to cost effectively store and then discharge wind and solar generated power for hours of continuous megawatt discharge.

Intermittency – a fundamental limitation of wind and solar power generation results from the intermittent nature of these sources, which do not produce power when the wind and sun are unavailable. Power Tree's energy storage technology can be placed on location at wind and solar farms to cost effectively capture energy for continuous, reliable electrical discharge around the clock. By enabling wind turbines and solar arrays to deliver continuous power, Power Tree’s technology can play a vital role in enabling wind and solar power to finally become economically viable energy generation sources.

Transmission - Wind and solar are renewable sources which are ill-suited for many areas of the country. In regard to wind, the best wind corridors in the United States and around the world are often long distances away from major cities and industrial centers. This has presented a major transmission challenge, particularly in the United States, where these great spans currently lack the infrastructure to efficiently transmit electricity to where it is needed.

Power Tree's technology can be a key element to solving this transmission challenge. By pre-positioning Power Tree's technology within the current transmission system, our devices can be utilized to store and transmit electricity over long distances more efficiently and at off peak hours, reducing the enormous costs of new infrastructure and providing a more elastic grid.

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