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NASA Glenn Flywheel Technology To Go Out For A Spin

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio has signed an exclusive pre-patent license agreement with Power Tree Corp of Miami, Florida, to design, produce and operate a variety of electrical power management systems that could have widespread applications in the electric power industry.

The agreement allows Power Tree to use and commercialize Glenn’s patent pending G6 flywheel design. Glenn researchers developed the next-generation flywheel system for power storage that operates without bearings and with increased performance and reliability for both space and Earth-based applications.

As an energy solutions provider, Power Tree will deploy the NASA flywheel technology for a variety of grid and industrial applications. These include demand side management functions as well as voltage and frequency regulation, which are particularly vital for grid stability as more renewable energy sources come online.

The license agreement is the result of Glenn’s Technology Transfer Office, which works to make NASA technologies available to the public for use and development, maximizing the benefit to the nation.

“We are delighted to facilitate our collaboration with Power Tree,” said Kim Dalgleish-Miller, chief of Glenn’s Technology Transfer Office. "NASA Glenn has been advancing flywheel technologies for more than 20 years. With Power Tree taking this concept to development it will add value to the power generation sector and ultimately help to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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Lori J. Rachul
Glenn Research Center, Cleveland

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